Getting Ready For Fall

Friday Sep 11th, 2020


Getting Ready For Fall... 


Can you believe it's that time of year already..?

The leaves are starting to change, there's a definite chill in the air and houses are starting to don their fall decor.

As most people continue to work from home, with no time spent on commuting, etc, people have a little bit more free time on their hands. Don’t get me wrong, I know working from home adds a bit to your general home workload, with kids and spouses around all.the.time and they are hungry all.the.time, but now is a great time to tackle some minor DIY projects at home! 

These last few months before winter are generally a good time to assess, repair and get your home ready for winter.


Here are some mini projects you can do this Fall: 

  • Refresh your home inside with a new coat of paint - choose a neutral, soothing palette, we love Classic Grey!

  • Pressure-wash the exterior of your home - nothing beats an old fashion power clean. This inexpensive service can help to spruce up the dirtiest of homes by effectively removing built-up dirt, sediment and other debris while eliminating things like mold, mildew and algae, which can result in long-term wear and tear on a home.

  • Seal gaps & add insulation - nothing makes a home more uncomfortable during the winter than a chilly draft. Consider a home energy audit that includes a review of your home's caulking and weather stripping, then either DIY or get it professionally done.

  • Yard prep - to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn in spring, there are several important yard work projects to complete in the fall. Raking leaves and aerating will prevent your lawn and garden beds from suffocating, while fertilizing and winterizing grass, trees, and shrubs will allow your greenery to enter its winter slumber comfortably and properly nourished.

  • Are your cupboards a mess?
    Now is a good time to get organised, invest in some storage organisers, declutter and simplify.

  • Replace worn loose rugs and doormats - find some great seasonal decor to mark the change in seasons.

  • Check your furnace - replace filters if necessary and make sure come winter time everything works as it should.

  • Clean your carpets - now is the best time to deep-clean carpets! It’s cool enough (but not too cold) to open up windows and let in some fresh air to ensure they dry properly. 

  • Check and clean gutters and window wells.

  • Get your fireplace inspected to ensure everything is A-OK for winter!


Let’s not forget that the new school year is starting next week, and have already started in some regions this week already - it’s been a while, and while there are still a lot of mixed feelings around the topic, there are some things we can all do to prepare:


  • Make sure you and your family have enough masks to go around - stay organised by keeping clean masks and dirty masks in their own respective pouches. Get a fanny pack for your child to carry extra masks and hand sanitizer.

  • Keep hand sanitizer close-by - there are many travel-sized options and even smart little refillable dispensers to hook onto bags.

  • Boost your immune system by taking vit. C and D3 and try to get in as much natural vitamins and minerals through healthy eating. This is the time of year when seasonal colds start to arrive...

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