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Wednesday Aug 04th, 2021


Client Care Coordinator

We are seeking an upbeat administratively-minded individual with great attention to detail to provide client service, marketing and transaction assistance to a Top Producing Real Estate Team. 


Reports To:

The Client Care Coordinator (CCC) will report to Diane Tobia, Broker and Team Lead at Tobia Homes.

Job Overview:

  • The CCC will be responsible for the overall administration of real estate client care functions, including but are not limited to the CRM (database; Top Producer), deal paperwork, certain client liaisons and listing-related duties. 

  • The CCC duties will also include certain marketing elements from time to time.

  • The CCC will provide support to the Team in all aspects of their deals. This is the essence of this role, and as such, the CCC needs to be an extremely organized team player.


Overall Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Managing the client database daily. This includes: following up with the relevant agents on their contact with new leads, ensuring any new leads get captured in the system and that all the relevant information is accurate.

  • Setting up relevant email drip campaigns as and when applicable.

  • Compiling and submitting deal paperwork for any listing or sale by any team member to the Deal Administrator for Parliament Street.

  • Uploading and managing all listings and closings to the CRM (Top Producer), along with keeping the relevant checklists up to date.

  • Creating draft MLS listings for any new listings and launching them on behalf of the relevant listing agent.

  • Updating Marketing on any new listings and ensuring all the related tasks get performed by the relevant parties.

  • Updating relevant agents’ Google Calendars with any deal-related information.

  • Keeping the Client Birthday System up to date and ensuring that the relevant agents sign their clients’ cards and any Thank You cards regarding completed deals.

  • Creating a quarterly newsletter in accordance with certain guidelines and content from the Team Lead and input from Marketing.

  • Producing listing activity reports for any listings weekly.

  • Booking showings on behalf of any of the Team members as requested.

  • Ensuring that all showing agents’ details are captured into the database for any listings.

  • Ensuring that all open house leads are captured and assigned to the relevant agent - whenever open houses are permitted.

  • It is the responsibility of the CCC to ensure that all filing - physical and digital - be kept up to date.

  • Assisting with the staging of homes.


Meeting Goals, Sales Targets & Goal Setting:

  • The CCC is expected to arrange for a minimum of 12 appointments per year.

  • The CCC will review goals with the Team Leader quarterly.


Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Experience with Excel and Google Drive is a must.

  • CRM experience is beneficial.

  • Working knowledge of Monday.com.

  • Understanding of social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).

  • Willingness to learn new Real Estate related tools, systems, and technologies.

  • A successful candidate must have a valid driver’s licence and access to a car, which will be needed in the course of duty.


Personal Characteristics:

  • The CCC should be organized and diligent.

  • The CCC should be friendly and willing to help while displaying a people-oriented, positive and customer-focused attitude.

  • The CCC should be open to learning.

  • The CCC should be comfortable liaising with clients, colleagues and third parties, with an innate ability to establish rapport with anyone in person or over the phone.

  • The CCC should be excited to get creative and collaborate on business planning.



  • The CCC agrees to work at the Parliament Street office weekly - in accordance with any COVID restrictions.

  • The CCC agrees to be on time and well prepared for work.



  • The CCC is expected to carry out client care duties as required to increase the number of transactions and success in business for the Team.

  • The CCC is expected to make clear at all times and all clients that they are a member of the Team.

  • The CCC is encouraged to use scripts and dialogues on client care follow-up calls.

  • The CCC agrees to communicate with clients regularly so as to be known as a team that stays in touch, informs and follows through.

  • The CCC agrees to provide a level of service beyond clients’ expectations so that we earn their trust and referrals.

  • The CCC will dress in appropriate business attire at all times.


Standards & Behaviour:



Email CV's to Diane@tobiahomes.com


  • All work will be performed in a routine, coordinated manner so as to be continuously duplicated for desired results. All work processes are to be recorded so as to create effective systems.

  • The CCC is expected to arrive on time for all business duties.

  • Courtesy will be maintained by the CCC at all times while working in the office and working with customers, clients, colleagues and support staff.


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